Find The Perfect Communion Dress Without Stress

In the life of every Catholic child, First Holy Communion will be an unforgettable and precious date. Choosing a suitable communion dress that fits your daughter best will make this important date complete. Failing to prepare for such an important date will make you stress. Therefore, we will show you some simple tips to put you at ease while buying a communion dress:



Setting a budget is one of the essential factors to avoid being passive when choosing a communion dress for your daughter. Knowing which price you can afford will help you save time and effort. There is a variety of communion dresses depending on their materials as well as design or style. Therefore, setting a budget will prevent you from getting lost in a sea of options. For example, if you can afford a dress around 100 USD, satin or taffeta might be the suitable material, not silk which is usually on a higher price, or you can easily filter some brand names that offer the dress within your price range and just forget all other unrelated brands which can make you confused.



Not following the dress code in such an important event will put you and your daughter in trouble. To help you easily choose the dress code, we propose a simple rule: EANO

  • E - Elegant: To celebrate an event like this, elegance will play an essential part. A dress in color white or ivory would be the best choice for most cases, but you can play with other light colors if the ceremony allows it or add colored details. 
  • A - Age-appropriate: Remember that your daughter will be the one wearing the communion dress and that, even though nowadays we have a lot of modern styles for girls, this still is a religious event. A simple and age-appropriate outfit will fit her best. 
  • NO: No casual clothing or accessories allowed and no overly embellished garments. Your little girl has to wear the dress for a not so short time, so let's take into account her comfort as well, but without forgetting this day is a very special one for them and also for the family.



Do not put yourself in a difficult situation when shopping at the last minute. For an important event, you should prepare ahead of time. Buying your communion dress a couple of months in advance would offer you a better selection and avoid your favorite dress will be out of stock. Moreover, in case you wish to change anything before the Communion date, you will have plenty of time to change.



As communion dresses do not have the same sizing as girls' clothing, you should make sure that you will deliver the correct size for your little girls. Take it easy by focusing on three measurements: Bust measurement, waist measurement, length measurement. Keep the tape loose and note all the measurements to avoid mistakes.



Even though you are the one leading the choice of the communion dress, do not forget your daughter is the one wearing it. On Communion Date, your daughter should feel comfortable and enjoy the time while wearing the dress. To avoid awkward moments with your daughter on such an important date, you should spend time talking with your daughter about the style of the dress to make sure she likes it.

There are a lot of tips all over the internet but we suggest the most suitable and easy-to-follow advice that can assist to smoothly choose the perfect communion dress. Hope you and your daughter will enjoy the Communion Date without stress by applying our rules.

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