How Much Does a Flower Girl Dress Cost?

Are you in the middle of planning your wedding and wondering how much a flower girl dress will cost? The good news is that there are a variety of prices depending on the type, size, and design of the dress. So depending on your budget, you may find what’s right for both your flower girl and wedding day.

Flower girls are an integral part of the wedding processional. They typically come down the aisle before the bride or after her parents, carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers or walking with a wreath made from them. And what better way to make an angelic entrance than in a dreamy flower girl dress?

Dresses for flower girls have come a long way since first debuting in popular culture centuries ago. Nowadays, finding one to suit both your theme and budget doesn't have to be difficult. From traditional ivory satin gowns to pint-sized versions of classic bridal wear, there are endless styles to choose from. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about selecting and shopping for the perfect flower girl dress.

What is the average price of flower girl dresses?

When it comes to the average cost of flower girl dresses, there are a couple of factors that can influence how much you pay. Infant flower girls typically wear something simpler than an adult flower girl might wear. An infant dress may be priced between $100 and $600 depending on fabric choice and accessories. As for adult flower girl dresses, you can expect to pay between $200 and $1000 for fancier designs with intricate details.

Factors that affect wedding flower girl dress costs

Every bride wants to make sure their little flower girl looks perfect on the big day. Here are some of the factors that affect wedding flower girl dress costs and what you should keep in mind when shopping:

  • Material and fabric used: The materials and fabrics used in wedding flower girl dresses will play a key role in determining the cost. Natural fibers typically are more expensive than synthetic fabrics so it’s important to consider what type of fabric is right for your budget before shopping. If you want a real showstopper dress with plenty of movement, then opting for a high quality silk or tulle may be an option.
  • Type and style of the dress: Depending on the type and style of dress, you could find yourself facing different costs. A simpler and brighter design could be cheaper compared to a detailed, intricate one requiring extra attention from designers and seamstresses. The choice between traditional designs or modern styles can also affect costs depending on the kinds of embellishments used.
  • Size and fit: Some dresses may come at set sizes whereas other shops offer custom fit options. When shopping online, look out for measurement guidelines as poor fitting gowns could run up additional costs in terms of alterations. For bigger bridal parties, sizing is especially important as purchasing multiple dresses at once might come with discounts at certain stores depending on their order requirements.
  • Accessories: Accenting your flower girl’s look can involve additional accessories such as headdresses, tiaras or even shoes. Although these add-ons usually don’t cost too much, they’re still an extra expense that needs considering. 
  • Shipping cost: When ordering from different locations make sure shipping fees aren’t overlooked by planning well in advance (especially if last-minute adjustments are required). Online bridal boutiques often have separate policies for international orders versus domestic ones so it makes sense to double-check before committing to any purchase.

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Seasonal differences in flower girl dress prices

In general, flower girl dresses tend to be more expensive during the peak wedding season in the spring and summer months. No matter what season you’re having your special occasion, you can find great deals on flower girl dresses online at Mia Bambina Boutique.

When should I buy my flower girl outfits?

When deciding when to buy the flower girl outfits for your wedding, start by considering how soon you will need to have them. Generally, it is best to order the dress 4-6 months in advance of the wedding date to give yourself enough time for ordering, shipping and alterations if needed. 

Making sure that the flower girl fits into the outfit is also important as you do not want to guess on size and then realize at the last minute that it does not fit well. If something was ordered too small or large due to a size mishap, there may not be enough time to reorder a sufficient replacement before the ceremony.

Factors to consider when choosing a flower girl dress

As the big day approaches, choosing the perfect dress for the flower girl should be one of your top priorities. It’s important to find a dress that meets all the requirements and expectations, while still making the little girl feel special. 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting an adorable flower girl dress:

  • The wedding theme and color palette: It can be helpful in narrowing down your selection when you look at the theme and colors of your wedding. You want to make sure that the flower girl's dress coordinates with the other bridesmaids' dresses as well as with all other elements of your wedding décor. If you decide on a more casual theme for your wedding, it is best to choose a less formal-looking dress.
  • Comfort and durability: You don't want your flower girl fidgeting throughout your ceremony because she's uncomfortable wearing her dress so keep comfort and breathability in mind when shopping for a dress. You should pick something hard-wearing enough since little girls tend to move around a lot when they're playing and dancing around with friends or family members at weddings.
  • Size: This means both the length and size of necklines and armholes. Young children won’t need long gown styles but rather something knee-length. Moreover, if their body sizes are smaller than average, going up or down one size might be better than simply ordering what their age would suggest they wear.
  • Your wedding budget: When you set a budget for clothing items such as bridesmaids’ attire, make sure to allocate an appropriate expenditure for each item according to its importance.

What are the best accessories for flower girls?

Dressing your flower girl in a stylish and cute dress is only the first step in making sure she looks picture-perfect for your wedding. Choosing the accessories for her outfit is just as important. From necklaces and sparkly headpieces to matching shoes, here are some of the must-have items you need to make sure she looks perfect on your big day:

  • Hair accessories: The perfect way to add a little something extra to any flower girl’s look is with a statement hair accessory. Hair bows, clips, and pins come in many different styles, ranging from sweet blooms to sparkling tiaras. Make sure you choose an accessory that doesn’t overpower her beautiful dress. If you want something even trendier, flower crowns are a popular choice right now!
  • Jewelry: Just like with any other type of dressy outfit, jewelry can complete the look of flower girl attire. Adding simple pieces such as earrings or necklaces can help elevate the ensemble without competing with what’s already present. 
  • Shoes: While flats might seem like the obvious choice due to their comfort factor, consider other options such as Mary Janes or sandals. As another option for more formal occasions, you can buy strappy heels for older flower girls if desired but make sure she practices walking at home before the big day arrives!
  • Etc.

Where to buy flower girl dresses

Are you looking for the perfect flower girl dress? At Mia Bambina Boutique, we sell adorable and unique flower girl dresses that will make your special day even more memorable. Our beautiful designs are made with premium fabrics of timeless style. We want to ensure you’re getting quality clothing that will last well into future generations. No matter what size or age, each dress is designed to fit almost any body type perfectly. Plus, they come in an array of colors and patterns to match whatever look you’re going for!

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