What to Consider When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Together with the bridesmaids, the flower girl is usually one of the best dressed in a wedding. The flower girl represents the purity, innocence and beauty of true love, and the moment she starts walking down the aisle, there’s no doubt she will attract the attention of all the guests, who will probably express tenderness and admiration. Between all the things you have to plan about your wedding, the role of the flower girl at the wedding ceremony isn’t that complicated but it is one of the most important details of the ceremony, and you want to make sure to pick the right dress for her, so follow the steps below to choose wisely:


Once you have selected your wedding dress and your bridesmaids' dress style, you will have a good idea of what to look for in the general style of your wedding'. There are no strict rules when it comes to the flower girl dress so you have the freedom to choose the color, cut, and fabric, but it's a good idea to have it match your wedding aesthetics. There are two main popular options to go with. The first one is to choose a white or ivory dress that imitates the bride's dress but with a little girl style. The other option is to choose a flower girl dress in a similar tone and style to those for the bridesmaids. You can also go with a traditional white dress and use color details such as a bow or a head accessory to match your wedding theme. 


There's a dress for every pocket so there's no need to worry about a lack of options, there's something adorable for every girl to feel special. Before starting the dress hunt, always verify the price range you have to stick to, especially if the girl's parents are paying for it, which is traditionally expected. You can preselect some of the dresses you like and then have the parents choose, or you can ask them to stick to a certain color and let them pick the dress according to their budget. It's also perfectly acceptable that the bride and groom pay for the flower dress. 


Most brides like to have the final decision but it's a good idea to consider asking your flower girl for her opinion and help in choosing her dress for the ceremony. This will help you to bond and to have a stronger connection before the wedding day and will assure that she likes the dress and feels part of the celebration, which can prevent any problem on the big day. This can be easily done with online shopping to avoid stressing and tiring her. Show her a few pictures of the bride pre-approved dresses and have her pick the one that most excites her. 


The common age for the flower dress is between 3 to 10 years old, and we all know girls at that age are growing so fast, so if you buy the exact size months in advance there's a high probability that it won't fit the girl when the date comes. This is easy to prevent by asking for 1 size bigger than the one she usually wears or by shopping only some weeks before the date. 


The flower girl has to dress according to the season. Prefer short sleeves and open shoes for warm weather and add stockings and a cute cardigan if your wedding is planned during a cold day. 


A wide skirt is the most popular for the flower girl dress but it's important to choose the right length and to keep in mind that it has to be comfortable for the girl so she can actually walk in the dress. We don't want her to trip while walking down the aisle right? Prefer a shorter dress for a younger girl, and you can choose a long dress to the ankle or even longer only if the girl is in the older range (6 - 7 years up).

These 6 basic aspects will assure a good experience for all parts involved and a beautiful flower girl that gives the final adorable touch to the wedding ceremony. Remember that all participants of the wedding are important, they are there to celebrate the big day, and the flower girl is no exception. Have fun choosing her dress and focus on having a good time with her in the process.

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