Expert Advice: How To Choose a Flower Girl Dress

When you're getting married or invited to a wedding, one of the most challenging tasks is to choose a dress for your little girl. She will be helping with the wedding: walking down the aisle, posing at the ceremony for wedding pictures, showing her cute dance moves at the party.

Often the cutest, sweetest, and best-dressed member of your wedding party is your flower girl. But it can be tricky to buy clothes for such special event.

Here is the expert advice on how to choose a flower girl dress from Mia Bambina Boutique, a gorgeous clothing boutique for flower girls in Toronto, that offers the prettiest made-to-order flower girl dresses.

Wedding Style

Look at the bride's wedding gown or ask the bride for the overall style of the wedding party. Is it a vintage inspired wedding? Shop for lace dresses. Is it fifties inspired party or a destination wedding? Always think of style. It may be traditional or 1920, Gatsby themed wedding. Check out Claudine dress. The full skirt is the most popular trend now, usually puffed up with tulle or extra petticoat.

Take the Measurements and Call Our Consultants

Take her measurements: chest, waist, and height and send them to the stylist. Allow extra 1/2 -1" to the chest and waist of your girl measurements and compare with the boutique size chart. If your little darling grows faster than expected, you will have no worries. Every store would be happy to assist you in selecting the right dress size and model.

One Size Up

Order one size up from what your flower girl is currently wearing. As children grow up fast, it is better to prepare for the growth spurt.

Select the Corset Style Dresses

Usually, Flower girl fittings vary from model's measurements, and that’s where a corset lacing at the back of the dress is very helpful. Most dresses at Mia Bambina boutique are corset style dresses, so the outfit will fit perfectly to the shape of your daughter's body. Corset can give you up to 5 inches of extra space.

Consider the Girl's Age

2-5 years old

At this age, each little girl dreams to look like a real princess from a fairytale. However, we would not recommend buying a floor-length child’s dress. Children can be very active. Girls like running and jumping and because of that, they tend to trip over the long skirts and may fall during the event. To avoid disappointment and bad mood, we recommend staying away from long dresses for very young children. However, if you decide to choose a long child’s dress, please think about a freedom of movements. A dress should not prevent her from running, dancing or playing with friends.

Don't Use Adult Accessories for Small Children

Please, don’t buy adult accessories for small children. They don't know how to use them safely. She might hurt herself or feel discomfort wearing adult accessories. Nevertheless, if you want to create a realistic image of a princess from a fairytale, please take care of stylish hairdo, comfortable shoes, and expand your budget for special accessories designed for children.

7-16 years old

If your daughter is 7-16 years old, she has her favourite style in mind. She knows what color will be the perfect one for her new dress. For junior bridesmaids, you can choose a flower diadem or beautiful gloves.

Dress Color

If you already know the incorporated colours of the wedding, consider having a small detail not exactly the whole dress to highlight that colour and bring it all together.

For wedding celebration, white child’s dresses or light coloured dresses is the most suitable outfit. The most popular colours are pastels like ivory, blush, champagne, and pale sky or violet. Keep in mind that her dress shouldn't be lighter than the bride's gown. Don't choose dark colours as she might look too dramatic.

Ask Her Opinion

Experts say that adults should give bits of advice for their children in the process of clothes selection, but should not impose their tastes on them. However, if you would like to help your daughter, explain calmly, why your choice might be better. Ask her opinion. Maybe she doesn't want to look exactly like a bride or she prefers to be a smaller version of you.



Plan Your Budget

Designer flower girl dresses range in price from $80 to over $300. Add extra if you need accessories and shoes.

There is Always Something for Every Child!

Our boutique carries a wide assortment of stylish, beautiful dresses, so there is something for every child to feel very special!