Choose the Right Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Prom is one of the best memorable parties that you never forget. You do not only remember the dancing or the dating night but the dress you choose on this occasion will be your good memory too. Choosing a dress that compliments all your body features and boosts your confidence is not difficult as you might think. Remember that our bodies come in every shape and size and there’s a dress for each one of us. Understanding your body type will be the first step to choose a perfect prom dress. Therefore, we’ll be looking at the most common body shapes categories, which are: rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, rounded, and pear.

Prom Dress for Rectangle Body Shape

The key to dressing for rectangle body type is having a prom dress that helps you enhance your body curve as the width of your hips, waist, and shoulders look the same. You can highlight your waist with the middle of the dress accentuated and a puffy skirt or you can also use a 2 pieces dress with the top and bottom separated at the waist. 

Prom dress for inverted triangle body shape

The inverted triangle body shape will have an athletic and muscular look with straight and square shoulders. One biggest tip for this body type is buying a prom dress plain on the top. Dress with patterned or volumed bottom or halter neck or showing your shoulders will help you to show your pretty features. This formula can be applied the same with an athletic body choosing dresses that show off your toned arms and back.

Prom dress for hourglass body shape

The advantage of this type of body is the relatively small waist and the proportion between your bust and hips. Therefore, the main point is having a dress that complements your waistline. A recommended dress would have a figure-hugging dress, tight fitted or with a split on the leg. 

Prom dress for rounded body shape

For rounded body type, you can refer to the secret formula from rectangle type. Remember this rule: 20/80 split. This golden rule will enhance your curve. Moreover, you can choose a dress with detail on your chest area or a high neck dress would be a good option too as it will de-emphasize the rounded features on the body.

Prom dress for pear body shape

The name of shape has expressed itself. People with this type of body will have narrower shoulders with wider hips, thighs, and bottom. When choosing a prom dress, you should focus on dresses enhancing your beauty features like hips, shoulders, and legs. Therefore, you should concentrate on your dress on the top half or a necklace. You can have cutouts on the side of your dress or rock a skater dress. A dress with darker colors such as navy blue, black, or grey on the bottom half can help you balance your figure.

Extra tips to rock your prom dress:

  1. Focus on what you love about your body instead of thinking about how to hide what you don’t like
  2. Highlight one area, for example, if using a short dress, avoid a low cut cleavage
  3. Practice dancing in the changer room. You have to feel comfortable to have fun, so avoid extra tight on the legs. 
  4. If you’re very tall and you want to use high heels but are double thinking it, don't worry: rock the heels and feel good about your height, and use a long dress to accentuate your natural beauty.
  5. If you’re on the short side, you can choose between a short dress or a long dress with a short top section and a longer skirt.
  6. Get your real size: it doesn’t matter the number, but how it looks on you. The right size will help you look stunning and feel comfortable all night.
  7. If you’re curvy, check out wrap dresses, these can help you highlight your curves
  8. If you’re thin, you can consider cutouts to feel curvier.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to feel beautiful and comfortable on your special day, so use these recommendations as a rough guide only, and not as a set of rules written in stone. The purpose of this is for you to have a good idea of where to look first when searching for your prom dress in a sea of options. Have fun!

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